Coming soon: New Play Project


Peculiar Pages has teamed up with the award-winning theater collaborative New Play Project to publish nineteen of its best plays as selected by Davey Morrison.

In its brief four-year history, NPP has produced hundreds of original works, providing a space for new and established playwrights, directors and actors to bring new efforts to the public.

The volume, Out of the Mount, is being released in conjunction with new productions of its five plays. If you’ll be in Utah this September, check them out:

The Best of New Play Project
September 16-20, 23-27
Featuring five of our very best short plays:
“A Burning in the Bosom,” by Melissa Leilani Larson
“Foxgloves,” by Matthew Greene
“Gaia,” by Eric Samuelsen
Adam and Eve,” by Davey Morrison
“Prodigal Son,” by James Goldberg

But whether Utah is on your itinerary or not, the plays in this book should pass before your eyes. Reading plays is one of life’s least heralded enjoyments and if you haven’t done so recently, Out of the Mount is an excellent opportunity for you.

More details as the drop date nears.


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In other news, an update on submission reading for Mormons and Monsters is up today at Motley Vision.