Out of the Mount: “Foxgloves”

Out of the Mount.

An excerpt from “Foxgloves” by Matthew Greene:

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MYRTLE. Think about that day when God made the flowers and the trees.   It was the fifth day, wasn’t it?  When he made the flowers?

ANNABELLE. Why would I know that, Mom?

MYRTLE. The first day was the light and the second was the water.

ANNABELLE. And the darkness and the dry ground.  Respectively.

MYRTLE. What’s that?

ANNABELLE. I think the flowers were the fourth day.

MYRTLE. I think you’re right, you been reading the Bible when I’m not looking?

ANNABELLE. No, just remembered.

MYRTLE. But none of that means anything to you, I know that.

ANNABELLE. Well, they got the order right.  They made the light and the soil and the water before the plants could grow.

MYRTLE. Of course they did, of course God knows how to make the plants grow.

ANNABELLE. Of course.

MYRTLE. You look up there and you don’t see anything.

ANNABELLE. I see the sun, the clouds.

MYRTLE. Who made those?

ANNABELLE. Mom, we’ve had this argument.

MYRTLE. I’m not arguing with you, I know better than arguing with someone so smart and educated.

ANNABELLE. That’s right.

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