Out of the Mount: “Based on Truish Stories”

Out of the Mount.

An excerpt from “Based on Truish Stories” by Katherine Gee:

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GIRL 1. Did you ever like Christopher?

MARIA. Ew…gross.

GIRL 2. If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

MARIA (Thinking). Um…My own house.

GIRL 3. Have you kissed a boy?


GIRL 3. French kissed a boy!?

(Giggles start.)

GIRL 3. Have you ever had se…?

(She’s cut off by laughter and gasps.)


GIRL 1. Shh! Maria doesn’t know what that is yet.


GIRL 2 (Loudly, over the laughter). How did your parents die?

(Sudden silence.)

MARIA (Uncomfortably). I don’t know. It happened when I was little.

GIRL 2. Do you believe in God?

(GRANDMOTHER appears behind Maria.)

MARIA. I…Well… Do you believe in God, Grandmother?

GRANDMOTHER. Course I do, Maria. Everyone believes in God.

MARIA. Everyone?

GRANDMOTHER. Everyone who’s a child of God does.

MARIA. What if you don’t believe in God?

GRANDMOTHER (Matter-of-factly). You’re a child of the devil, and you go to Hell.

MARIA. Did my parents go to Hell?

GRANDMOTHER. Of course not. They went to Heaven.

MARIA (To GIRLS). Of course I believe in God…don’t you?

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