Jacob Bender


Jacob Bender is a current PhD candidate in English at the University of Iowa, with an MA from the University of Utah and a BA from BYU-Idaho.  He has previously published in Dialogue, Sunstone, shipsofhagoth, and West Trade Review, among others.  His current research focuses on comparativist approaches to Irish Modernism and Latin-American literature.  He formerly taught at SLCC and LDSBC, and has also worked as a reporter in Mexico, an ELL instructor in China, and a missionary in Puerto Rico.  He hails from western Washington.

He is the author of  “This Is Not a Photograph: Nephi Anderson’s DORIAN as a Sort of LDS SONS AND LOVERS; or A PORTRAIT OF THE MORMON SOLIPSIST AS A YOUNG MAN” included in our Peculiar Edition of Dorian.



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