Seasons of Change

Seasons of Change

Stories of Transition
Edited by Sandra Clark Jergensen
and Shelah Mastny Miner
© 2017 by individual contributors

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Words are new again.

For over a decade, Segullah has been sharing women’s stories in our journal, blog and publications. Our first two anthologies, The Mother in Me and Dance with Them, focused on narratives of motherhood. While those stories are profound, we wish to recognize a broader scope of experience in our third offering. There are so many ways we learn, share and are reshaped through a spectrum of transitions. We crave the catharsis of writing through the change. We write trying to understand the cycles of life and embrace our reshaped selves.

Joining the Church or re-examining our faith; falling in love or sharing a marriage bed for many years; sending children out on their own or taking estranged parents back into our lives; illness, divorce and new careers—all of these changes (and more) force us to examine, regroup and adapt.

Seasons of Change: Stories of Transition

The world is new again.

—from the Foreword

Claire Åkebrand
Catherine Keddington Arveseth
Julia Blue Blue LaMar
Teresa T.L. Bruce
Melonie Cannon
Jessie Christensen
Jes S. Curtis
Emily Clyde Curtis
Melissa Dalton-Bradford
Tresa Brown Edmunds
Rosalyn Eves
Gladys Clark Farmer Fetzer
Elizabeth Cranford Garcia
Lisa Garfield
Leslie M.W. Graff
Angela Hallstrom
Lisa Rumsey Harris
Teresa Hirst
Sandra Clark Jergensen
Linda Hoffman Kimball
Heather R. Kimball
Jennie LaFortune
Anna Sam Lehnardt
Michelle Lehnardt
Tracy McKay
Melissa McQuarrie
Emily Bishop Milner
Shelah Mastny Miner
Julie K. Nelson
Melody Newey
Lara Yates Niedermeyer
Becca Ogden
Sherilyn Olsen
Heather Bennett Oman
Luisa M. Perkins
Kel Purcill
Jennifer Quist
Christie Clark Rasmussen
Dalene Rowley
Courtney Miller Santo
Katie Nelson Stirling
Kylie Nielson Turley
Terresa Wellborn
Darlene Young
Melissa Young