Tyler Chadwick & Fire in the Pasture


This June 30, Peculiar Pages is proud to announce the first serious new collection of Mormon poets since the Eugene England and Dennis M. Clark-edited Harvest in 1989. That work’s excellence has been rightly lauded and it will never lose its place in Mormon letters. Yet over twenty years have passed and it is now time for a new volume of poetry to take its place in the canon and Peculiar Pages is proud to announce that we have arranged with poet Tyler Chadwick to edit and release Fire in the Pasture: 21st Century Mormon Poets.

Tyler announced the new volume Saturday at the annual Association for Mormon Letters conference and we will be announcing more information related to the project over the course of this week including a complete list of contributors.

Focusing on the 21st-century work of poets known and new, Fire in the Pasture will make an enormous contribution to the Mormon literary scene, a contribution which we trust will match the contributions of our finest poets over the last decade.

Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Tyler Chadwick & Fire in the Pasture”

  1. This is terrific news! I look forward to Chadwick’s Fire in the Pasture, a much needed anthology in this, the 21st century. (That and my copy of Harvest needs a companion!)

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