Tyler Chadwick launches new website to promote Fire in the PasturePlus: two upcoming events


Fire in the Pasture editor Tyler Chadwick has launched http://fireinthepasture.org/ which,to be frank, puts this current incarnation of PeculiarPages.com to shame. It’s lovely and chokkefulle of poetry, analysis, poet info, et cetera. Highly recommended for your Mormon-poetry needs.

Meanwhile, the Fire in the Pasture Facebook page (which I presume you’re already following) has just announced two new upcoming readings. Can’t miss stuff, if you’ll be in the appropriate part of the world: https://www.facebook.com/events/283342811746111/

Both pages are updated regularly.

Five days from now, in Salt Lake City


On the 25th at Ken Sanders Rare Books (map), Fire in the Pasture‘s editor Tyler Chadwick will be leading readings from the book.  Among the poets likely to appear at this substantial event are E.S. Jenkins, Elizabeth Pinborough, Lisa Bickmore, Alan Mitchell, Alex Caldiero, Sunni Wilkinson, Danielle Dubrasky, Sarah Duffy, Marie Brian, Laura Nielson Baxter, (Paul Swenson*), and Michael Hicks.




Paul Swenson’s health failed him since he told us he would be part of this event. His presence will be missed. To quote from his final email to us,

I’ll be around for the Ken Sanders reading, and would be honored to participate.

I’m still on the  journey to full health, but determined to get all the way back. The book is one hell of an achievement.

Thank you, Paul. It meant a lot, coming from you.

Requiescat in pace.

Peculiar Pages at Sunstone West


This Saturday at Claremont Graduate University, Sunstone West, a small tidier Sunstone Symposium, will feature panels about two Peculiar Pages book. (Note that times and participants are subject to clarification.)


The first, Monsters & Mormons, accomplished with the help of A Motley Vision and the most fun currently available in print. Participating authors Erik Peterson (“Bichos”) and Brian Gibson (“The Eye Opener”) will be talking about their works as well as reading their own and others’ stories. Responding to their presentation will be Patrick Q. Mason, the Howard W. Hunter Chair of Mormon Studies and Associate Professor of North American Religion at Claremont, and the author of The Mormon Menace: Violence and Anti-Mormonism in the Postbellum South (Oxford University Press, 2011).

Also featured are several poets from Fire in the Pasture. Featuring editor, poet, and AMV-contributor Tyler Chadwick discussing a Javen Tanner poem, and, in a separate session, readings from Tyler, Neil Aitkin, Karen Kelsay, Elisa Pulido, Laura Stott, Holly Welker, and, we hope, more.

Sunstone West is always great fun and you’ll want to catch other panels and presentations while you’re there.

Come to L.A.!

Register today!


Tyler Chadwick & Fire in the Pasture


This June 30, Peculiar Pages is proud to announce the first serious new collection of Mormon poets since the Eugene England and Dennis M. Clark-edited Harvest in 1989. That work’s excellence has been rightly lauded and it will never lose its place in Mormon letters. Yet over twenty years have passed and it is now time for a new volume of poetry to take its place in the canon and Peculiar Pages is proud to announce that we have arranged with poet Tyler Chadwick to edit and release Fire in the Pasture: 21st Century Mormon Poets.

Tyler announced the new volume Saturday at the annual Association for Mormon Letters conference and we will be announcing more information related to the project over the course of this week including a complete list of contributors.

Focusing on the 21st-century work of poets known and new, Fire in the Pasture will make an enormous contribution to the Mormon literary scene, a contribution which we trust will match the contributions of our finest poets over the last decade.

Stay tuned.