Five days from now, in Salt Lake City


On the 25th at Ken Sanders Rare Books (map), Fire in the Pasture‘s editor Tyler Chadwick will be leading readings from the book.  Among the poets likely to appear at this substantial event are E.S. Jenkins, Elizabeth Pinborough, Lisa Bickmore, Alan Mitchell, Alex Caldiero, Sunni Wilkinson, Danielle Dubrasky, Sarah Duffy, Marie Brian, Laura Nielson Baxter, (Paul Swenson*), and Michael Hicks.




Paul Swenson’s health failed him since he told us he would be part of this event. His presence will be missed. To quote from his final email to us,

I’ll be around for the Ken Sanders reading, and would be honored to participate.

I’m still on the  journey to full health, but determined to get all the way back. The book is one hell of an achievement.

Thank you, Paul. It meant a lot, coming from you.

Requiescat in pace.