Out of the Mount: Davey Morrison

Out of the Mount.

Davey Morrison did not join New Play Project until halfway through it’s four-year to-date history. And even then he joined, as he admits in Out of the Mount‘s introduction, to impress a girl. But one thing led to another and soon he wrote his first play, “Adam and Eve”, which was produced in 2008 and again in 2009, then published in Mormon Artist making it, perhaps, the most widely seen/read play to appear in our upcoming book.

Morrison is the editor of Out of the Mount and he wasn’t shy. He’s included three of his plays (and one of his now-wife’s). Unquestionably the most powerful of the three is “To Be Continued”. A man lies dying of cancer with nothing but oblivion to look forward to. Perhaps some claim that there are no atheists in foxholes. Perhaps the truth is that those who see death have the best view of God’s absence.

Out of the Mount comes out of the Mormon tradition, but the simplistic way that phrase is often interpreted utterly fails to capture the depth and breadth of the works Morrison has collected here. While certain “Mormon” themes do emerge (relationships, freedom of choice, the responsibility to know for oneself), never does the book feel like a polemic or a treatise or a tract.

It is instead a collection of art. Art that Peculiar Pages is proud to present.

Now available for purchase.