Tomorrow! Today! I can’t read calendars!


If you are in Utah Valley, head on down to UVU and check out Life, the Universe & Everything. Always a blast, natch, this year will be even better with a Monster & Mormons session led by none other than Nathan Shumate and featuring Dan Wells! Eric James Stone!  Jaleta Clegg! Steven Peck! and possibility of a couple surprises on the side.

Don’t miss it.

Have you seen the Hugo Award nominations?


The Hugo Award nominations were revealed yesterday, and Monsters & Mormons writers are well represented.

“That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made” (Analog, September 2010) by Eric James Stone  (which will be appearing also in our volume) has been nominated for best novelette and Dan Wells author, in M&M of “Mountain of the Lord”) was been nominated for the prestigious John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

Friends, this is the kind of quality Peculiar Pages is bringing you with Monsters & Mormons. Be appropriately excited.

Mormons & Monsters: Announcing Four More Admits


William Morris and Theric Jepson, editors of the upcoming Mormons & Monsters anthology, are rather pleased with themselves that they are able to announce the following works as part of their table of contents:

  • The Mountain of the Lord by Dan Wells (A thrilling pioneer-era superhero origin story.)
  • “George Washington Hill and the Cybernetic Bear” by George Washington Hill, who is dead, and his progeny EC Buck (Who have worked together to tell us a steampunk story set on the plains.)
  • “Recompense of Sorrow” by Wilum Pugmire (In which the respective legacies of Joe Smith and Howie Lovecraft battle for the soul of one sweet girl.)
  • Two poems by Will Bishop (In which Will lives up to his Fob Bible promise with two poems exploring the monstrous metaphor in eternal love.)