Plain and Precious


Just a reminder, eighteen works from The Fob Bible are available here at Peculiar Pages.

Also, in addition to the hardback and paperback version, we are working to bring forth electronic copies. Because of the beauty of the book, this is somewhat complex, but for starters, we have a pdf. You can find all three versions available for purchase here.

Finally, since we have not listed the available reviews of The Fob Bible for some time, here’s the list to date. Reviews and commendations we have not previously posted are followed by an asterisk:

Finally, two additional excerpts from The Fob Bible have appeared online which are not part of Plain and Precious Parts: “The Changing of the God” by B.G. Christensen and “Sustain-Abel” by Danny Nelson.


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    I’m fairly certain that list of reviews is not comprehensive, but I’m not thinking of any others at the moment. I should be keeping better notes.

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