Monsters & Mormons: Early Admit Class


Yesterday on A Motley Vision, William Morris announced the first four stories that we have accepted into Monsters & Mormons:

  • Steven L. Peck’s novella Let the Mountains Tremble for Adoniha has Fallen, a grandly epic look at feudal Mormons on Mars. It’s too grand for a blurb, I’m afraid. I’ve tried and failed to explain it to my wife. Let’s just say I’ve never been so thrilled by the combination of swords and spaceships and leave it at that.
  • Jaleta Clegg’s short story “Charity Never Faileth” is, to date, the most hilarious of the funny stories we’ve been given. Like all pulp, you have to experience it to believe this story could possibly work. But it does, oh, it does. The most delightfully violent Enrichment meeting ever.
  • Nathan Shumate’s short story “Other Duties”  — The moment I read this, I knew we had exactly what I had been waiting for. When William proposed this collection to me, this is the story I was waiting for. A bishop on special assignment, and a nightmare in a barn.
  • Kate Woodbury’s short story “First Estate” is a melodic space-set retelling of an Old Testament tale that, curiously, was not covered in The Fob Bible. (Thanks, Kate!)

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