It’s Official!


The Salt Lake Comic Con will feature a panel on Saturday, April 19, focusing on the Peculiar Pages offering Monsters & Mormons edited by Wm Morris and Theric Jepson.

image by Matt Page
image by Matt Page

Theric will moderate and the panel includes four writers and two illustrators:

Eric James Stone Hugo- and Nebula-award winning author of “That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made” (and other terrific fictions), and fiction editor at Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show.

Jake Parker Creator of Missile Mouse, Kickstarter savant, illustrator of Michael Chabon’s superhero children’s book, the brain behind Inktober, and so many many other brilliant things.

Bryton Sampson Fiction writer and part of the podcast Fight for Comics.

Steven L. Peck Author of the critically acclaimed novels A Short Stay in Hell (being turned into a film by David Spaltro) and The Scholar of Moab. An evolutionary biologist based at BYU.

Matt Page Popular book designer, advertiser, comicser, memer, joker, etc. Quite the local reputation. You may know him as Matsby or one of his other noms de web.

Nathan Shumate Author of several weird fictions, instigator of Space Eldritch, creator of the webcomic Cheap Caffeine, steampunk artist, curator of the popular Lousy Book Covers tumblr, and the B-movie master review of Cold Fusion Media and The Golden Age of Crap.

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