Fob Bible? Greatest book ever?


The Fob Bible has started pulling up reviews and they are laudatory. The first three:

  1. Re: The Fob Family Bible (Part I) By Tyler Chadwick on A Motley Vision
  2. Re: The Fob Family Bible, Part II By Tyler Chadwick on A Motley Vision
  3. A Great Riff on “The Good (??!) Book”: The FOB Bible by C.L. Hanson on Letters from a Broad

Stories from The Fob Bible have often been the source of online discussion. Following Chadwick’s reviews, Motley Vision had a lengthy discussion on B.G. Christensen’s “Abraham’s Purgatory.” Main Street Plaza‘s discussion on Christensen’s “Changing of the God” was DOA, but it’s not to late to start it yourself!

Speaking of things it is not too late for, have you considered purchasing a Fob Bible? All the cool kids are doing it.

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