Fire in the Pasture: UPDATE


For those following along at home, Fire in the Pasture, our collection of 83 publishing Mormon poets, was supposed to come out today. Due to a variety of issues, this is not happening and we can no longer pretend it might. We are nearly finished with interior and exterior design, after which we will send proof sheets to all the poets, after which, hooray, the book will finally come out.

Our new official release date is ASAP.

In the meantime, let this delayed announcement whet your appetite:

The cover art on this landmark volume will beĀ Curious Workmanship by the extraordinary Mormon artist Casey Jex Smith. The vigor of this image stands alone and so we are proud to present to you here without type, that you may enjoy it purely as a work of art, purely as a visual embodiment of all this collection means to us and will shortly mean to you.

by Casey Jex Smith

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