Nephi Anderson at SASS


Given the response to (though not the attendance at) the Nephi Anderon panel at this year’s annual conference of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study, our feeling that an Anderson resurgence is inevitable and not far off is fully cemented. Anderson’s hour is now. Or at least a couple days from now. And the father of modern Mormon Literature is about to get his due.

Which makes this an apropos moment to reannounce our edition of Dorian. We are still seeking critical and scholarly responses to the novel to accompany those we have already received.


AML Conference


If you’re in Utah this weekend, be sure to check out the following Peculiar Pages-related sessions of AML’s annual conference on Saturday, April 21:



Tyler Chadwick, editor of Fire in the Pasture, presenting on “Situating Sonospophy: Deconstructing Alex Caldiero’s Poetarium.” Alex, of course, is both the subject of Tyler’s dissertation and a poet included in Fire.


Scott Hales, a contributor to our upcoming Dorian project is presenting “Beyond Missionary   Stories: Voicing the Transnational LDS Experience”; I suspect this paper will share some ground with his incredible paper for us. Not a lot. But a little.


Awards luncheon.


Angel Chaparro Sainz who wrote the afterword to Fire in the Pasture, brings  AML his expertise on one of the great essayistsin “Phyllis Barber: There is Love After All.”

230pm, 4pm (sorry this is stretched—-site redesign on the way!)


Reception with readings by AML-award winners at the home of Charlotte England.