Fire in the Pasture: UPDATE


For those following along at home, Fire in the Pasture, our collection of 83 publishing Mormon poets, was supposed to come out today. Due to a variety of issues, this is not happening and we can no longer pretend it might. We are nearly finished with interior and exterior design, after which we will send proof sheets to all the poets, after which, hooray, the book will finally come out.

Our new official release date is ASAP.

In the meantime, let this delayed announcement whet your appetite:

The cover art on this landmark volume will be Curious Workmanship by the extraordinary Mormon artist Casey Jex Smith. The vigor of this image stands alone and so we are proud to present to you here without type, that you may enjoy it purely as a work of art, purely as a visual embodiment of all this collection means to us and will shortly mean to you.

by Casey Jex Smith

Contributors list


Fire in the Pasture: 21st Century Mormon Poets is delighted to present the most thorough list of currently active Mormon poets imaginable. Really, nothing like this list has ever been seen before. Behold! and be amazed!

Neil Aitken

Matthew James Babcock

S.P. Bailey

Laura Nielson Baxter

Mark Bennion

James Best

Lisa Bickmore

Will Bishop

Sara Blaisdell

Marie Brian

Joanna Brooks

Gideon Burton

John Burton

Marilyn Bushman-Carlton

Alex Caldiero

Scott Cameron

Shannon Castleton

Tyler Chadwick

Elaine Christensen

Michael R. Collings

Elaine M. Craig

Judith Curtis

Melissa Dalton-Bradford

William Deford

Danielle Dubrasky

Sarah Duffy

Sarah Dunster

Deja Earley

Simon Peter Eggertsen

Kristen Eliason

Lisa Ottesen Fillerup

Elizabeth Garcia

Sharlee Glenn

Aaron Guile

Laura Hamblin

Nicole Hardy

Warren Hatch

Michael Hicks

Sarah Jenkins

LaVerna B. Johnson

Helen Walker Jones

Patricia Karamesines

Karen Kelsay

Lance Larsen

Claire Åkebrand Lavers

Timothy Liu

Natasha Loewen

P.D. Mallamo

Casualene Meyer

Alan Rex Mitchell

Danny Nelson

Glen Nelson

David Nielsen

Marilyn Nielson

Jon Ogden

Calvin Olsen

Sarah E. Page

Jim Papworth

David Passey

Steven L. Peck

Jonathon Penny

Elizabeth Pinborough

Joe Plicka

Elisa Pulido

William Reger

Jim Richards

John W. Schouten

N. Colwell Snell

Sally Stratford

Laura Stott

Paul Swenson

John Talbot

Doug Talley

Javen Tanner

Arwen Taylor

Amber Watson

Holly Welker

Terresa Wellborn

Philip White

Laraine Wilkins

Sunni Brown Wilkinson

Darlene Young

As if you were there


Unfortunately we could not all be present last Saturday when lead editor Tyler Chadwick announced this project at the AML Conference. But now you can have an identical experience (assuming you would, had you been there, have held your laptop too high thus presenting you from hearing the announcement).

Tyler Chadwick Announces Fire in the Pasture at the AML Conference on March 26, 2011

Tyler Chadwick & Fire in the Pasture


This June 30, Peculiar Pages is proud to announce the first serious new collection of Mormon poets since the Eugene England and Dennis M. Clark-edited Harvest in 1989. That work’s excellence has been rightly lauded and it will never lose its place in Mormon letters. Yet over twenty years have passed and it is now time for a new volume of poetry to take its place in the canon and Peculiar Pages is proud to announce that we have arranged with poet Tyler Chadwick to edit and release Fire in the Pasture: 21st Century Mormon Poets.

Tyler announced the new volume Saturday at the annual Association for Mormon Letters conference and we will be announcing more information related to the project over the course of this week including a complete list of contributors.

Focusing on the 21st-century work of poets known and new, Fire in the Pasture will make an enormous contribution to the Mormon literary scene, a contribution which we trust will match the contributions of our finest poets over the last decade.

Stay tuned.