AML Awards recognize Tyler Chadwick


Tyler Chadwick, of course, is the editor of the Peculiar Pages volume Fire in the Pasture.

The Association for Mormon Letters has just, mere moments ago at their annual awards luncheon, given “Award for Excellence in Anthological Editing.”

It could not be more deserved. If you haven’t read it yet, buy your copy today.


Also awarded today was Mike Allred for his body of work. He’s one of the greats. And he’s also, recall, the guy who said this:

Isn’t it incredible that existence even exists?  So much is taken for granted, right?  For anyone that ever wanted to crack open their consciousness to what might be beyond the beyond, MORMONS &MONSTERS could be the read for you.


Perhaps other friends of Peculiar Pages were rewarded today? Haven’t heard yet. Excited to.

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